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Founder of Graphic Heart Design studio, enthusiastic doodler, kombucha-loving vegan, mom, and your biggest cheerleader.

Hey There, I'm Shiloh.

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Graphic Heart's products celebrate the whimsical essence of nature, positive messages, and endearing creatures with our original designs. Our fun approach to the everyday world is sure to delight. 

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Shiloh is an exceptional graphic artist for many reasons. She has an outstanding ability to listen to her clients so that she has a clear understanding of the ‘feel’ and ‘personality’ of the brand. That is reflected in the high-quality design that she offers.


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eloise stuart

“Thank you Willow! You've transformed my life. My business path is finally clear.”

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sasha duncan

“Your mastermind was the best investment I have ever made! This month I earned 10k.”

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mia vanderlellum

“So much knowledge and just a kind soul, Willow you are truly outstanding.”

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