Our Services

We are a design studio. We can create pretty much anything, but we focus on small business branding and the things that go along with that. Our three main services are, graphic design, web design, and brand strategy.

Graphic design contributes to your brand’s visual identity. In addition to being beautiful, your design should be relevant to your business and culture. We specialize in small business branding, so our focus is primarily on professional design. We can start at the beginning with a logo design, or we can help refresh or manage a brand identity that’s already been created. 

Graphic Design

We specialize on easy to use web interfaces. We work with many small businesses that are looking for a sleek design that won’t break the bank. We’ve also found that many of our clients want to have access to make small updates on their own without paying a developer for every modification. So, we usually suggest WordPress or other user-friendly platforms.

Website Design

Your brand is your company culture. It’s essential for every business. Whether you’re strategic or not, you will create a brand and it can make or break your business. Each of our projects starts with a brand assessment, where we ask the questions needed to create a successful brand. This assessment is used to create better design and a more cohesive message.

Brand Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a printer?

No, we are not a printer. We do wholesale for a printer and can often get reduced printing rates. We do not markup printing costs and we will coordinate with the printer of your choice for a seamless process. Additionally, we can recommend printers if needed.

How much do you charge for your services?

We work with many small businesses so we try to keep total project costs affordable. Our hourly design rate is $55hr. If you’re looking for specific project pricing, get in touch with us and we can get you an estimated cost.

How long do projects take?

It really depends on the project process. Typically, we can complete logo drafts and small websites within one week and finals within two weeks. Additionally, we will work with your deadlines. Get in touch if you have specific needs and we’ll see how we can accommodate.

What is the project Process?

It’s simple.

  1. Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you for an initial consultation. We send you an estimate, schedule, and deposit request. Once the deposit request is paid…
  2. We send you a brand evaluation. Once that’s completed…
  3. We begin working on your project. We’ll send drafts and then work with you to refine and get things just right. Then, we launch (if web) or send final files (for print).

It’s that simple!

Let’s Talk

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch. There’s no obligation. We’re happy to answer questions.

(hello@graphicheart.com . 707.502.8871)