A Better Mission

By providing, strong visual identities and solid brand strategies, we help small businesses blossom. We also serve as an extension to many marketing departments that find it more cost effective to outsource. We make it possible for the little guys to compete with the big guys.

Our Core Services

We offer a wide range of services to meet your creative project needs. 

Why Choose Graphic Heart

  • We have over 20-years of sales, marketing, and branding experience.
    So, in addition to great design, you’ll get guidance on your project.
  • We have over 10-years of website and graphic design experience.
  • We have corporate experience, so we’re pretty professional.
  • We make it affordable for small businesses to get great design.
  • We are looking for satisfied customers and lasting relationships.
  • We have worked in many of the top US markets.
  • We have a uniform project procedure to streamline your project.
  • We LOVE our clients!
  • We strive to nurture your creative vision.

Our Creative Director

Shiloh Wisham, is the creative director of Graphic Heart. Shiloh is the project manager and main point of contact on all of our projects. She has a powerful combination of business and creative experience. With over 15-yrs of experience working in a variety of corporate positions including, real estate sales for a high-end builder, marketing and sales management for over 14-boutique hotels, and as the corporate communications and marketing manager for a multi-discipline engineering firm. Coupled with her 5-yrs of experience owning and operating Graphic Heart as the Creative Director. Shiloh has managed hundreds of creative projects and worked with clients in a variety of markets. Her business acumen means she’s able to help navigate the branding process. Her years of project management experience means she delivers what’s needed. Her creative flair means she delivers it all with style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a printer?

No, we are not a printer. We do wholesale for a printer and can often get reduced printing rates. We do not markup printing costs and we will coordinate with the printer of your choice for a seamless process. Additionally, we can recommend printers if needed.

How much do you charge for your services?

We work with many small businesses so we try to keep total project costs affordable. Our hourly design rate is $55hr. If you’re looking for specific project pricing, get in touch with us and we can get you an estimated cost.

How long do projects take?

It really depends on the project process. Typically, we can complete logo drafts and small websites within one week and finals within two weeks. Additionally, we will work with your deadlines. Get in touch if you have specific needs and we’ll see how we can accommodate.

What is the project Process?

It’s simple.

  1. Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you for an initial consultation. We send you an estimate, schedule, and deposit request. Once the deposit request is paid…
  2. We send you a brand evaluation. Once that’s completed…
  3. We begin working on your project. We’ll send drafts and then work with you to refine and get things just right. Then, we launch (if web) or send final files (for print).

It’s that simple!

Let’s Talk

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch. There’s no obligation. We’re happy to answer questions.

(hello@graphicheart.com . 707.502.8871)